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Things to Do to Lose Fat

If there are things you should avoid, there are also things you should do.

First, drink a lot of water. When you try to lose weight, you might also lose water from your body. To avoid dehydration, hydrate yourself a lot. This will also help you feel less starved when you diet, and keep you from eating.

Also, an effective weight loss diet is not one where you have just a few but heavy meals in a day. A more effective diet for losing fat consists of several but light meals in a day. And in weight loss, there's what we call the powerful duo that can lead you to successful weight loss.

Aside from dieting, you should also exercise. The best exercise for fat loss is cardio exercise. And within cardio, research shows that running is the most effective type work. But if you don't have time to enroll in a gym, you can simply do exercises at home. You can get simple exercise plans online, or you can simply start a walking or jogging routine, which is actually enough exercise for simple weight loss procedures.

The most effective intensity level ?

Between 70-85 % of maximum heart rate. The length ? 45 minutes is more than enough. One key factor is to break the aerobic training/running into intervals - which means after a warmup of 5-10 minutes, run sessions such as 10x4 minutes : you run 4 minutes, take a 1 minute break, run 4 minutes etc (repeat 10 times). Fact is : you are wasting your time if you only do "comfortable, continous jogs" on the treadmill!

There are also foods that you can eat to help you lose fat. These foods can help boost your metabolism and generate heat and energy in your body, which will lead to the burning of fats. First, load up on fish. Fish contains essential fatty acids, which fuels your metabolism. Chicken is also a good source of protein, which can help produce thermogenic effects that can help your body burn fat. While other meat sources contain a lot of fat, chicken don't.

If you follow these guidelines, you'll have an easier time getting rid of your hard-to-lose fats.